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  Outdoor Retailer Summer Market returned to Salt Lake City, August 9-12, with a record 1,051 exhibitors across 421,000 square feet of exhibit space. The most expansive Summer Market to date welcomed more than 21,000 total attendees, including over 150 new exhibitors such as Saucony and Otter Creek Paddle Works as well as 25-year veterans such as The North Face and Coleman. More than 6,500 buyers were in attendance.

  8月9日--12号,户外零售商展在盐湖城开展,1051家分布在39110.9平方米的展厅里。此次展会共吸引了21000名观众,包括超过150名新的参展商,如Saucony和Otter Creek Paddle Works,以及已经参加过25届的The North Face 和 Coleman。超过6500名买家参加了展会。

  The overwhelmingly positive buzz at this years Summer Market paid tribute to the strength of today‘s outdoor industry,said Kenji Haroutunian, show director for Outdoor Retailer. In addition to hundreds of new product innovations, it was inspiring to see the vast array of progressive exhibitor initiatives focused on sustainability, social responsibility, advocacy and youth awareness; these are the programs that will help the industry attract new consumers in the years to come.

  “这届展会的成功举办为今天户外产业的发展做出了贡献”展会主管Kenji Haroutunian说。此外上百件创新产品,包括各种可持续性的,社会职责,倡导年轻化,这些将有助于户外产业吸引更多的消费者近来。


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